Close Gaps in Patient Engagement and Care Management across the Chronic Care Continuum

When a patient leaves the hospital, the follow up treatment often becomes disjointed. IntelliH bridges the gap by providing a 360-degree view of the patient to multi-disciplinary care teams. As chronic and post-operative patients leave the hospital after the initial round of treatment, IintelliH offers a holistic approach to care teams using meaningful, coordinated and proactive services.

IntelliH – Extending the perimeter of the hospital to where the patient lives: Reimagining chronic patient management through Digital Health and Virtual Care

Cloud SaaS- Multi-Tenant

IntelliH is a Cloud based SaaS solution built with a secure HIPAA compliant architecture. This allows a hospital system to enable secure access to care teams, patients and caregivers anytime, anywhere and any place as long as they have an Internet connection.

Patient 360

IntelliH integrates the diverse eco system of inpatient and outpatient rehab centers, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, home health agencies, patient centered medical homes, clinics and acute care hospitals by providing shared patient context.

The IntelliH Care coordinator dashboard allows interaction between patients and medical team members to share patient’s health status and course of treatment. IntelliH integrates with EMR systems and can pull patient care plans, clinical and demographic information, medication summary data etc. Care coordinators can schedule Telehealth visits with patients through a care coordinator calendar. Medical assistants can schedule Telehealth calls directly through their EMR or via IntelliH.

Multi Disease enablement

IntelliH dynamically configures patient management tools by profiling multiple diseases including diabetes and CHF. However, the solution can be tailored for any disease or post-operative condition by enabling appropriate monitoring with relevant device sensors as well as the setting of appropriate vitals thresholds.
Clinical administrators can configure patient monitoring for appropriate disease modules by setting relevant alert thresholds on the IntelliH clinical admin web tool. The patient’s smartphone app will automatically configure itself to the disease being monitored requiring no further app upgrades.

Internet of Health Things

IntelliH integrates with a wide variety of FDA approved consumer devices. These include FDA approved glucometers, weight scales, blood pressure monitors, SpO2 pulse oximeters, digital stethoscopes and fitness devices such as Fitbit and Runkeeper. IntelliH will soon expand the integrated set of devices to include an Otoscope, a stethoscope and a dermascope.


IntelliH allows patients to interact with their healthcare providers through an App on iOS or Android enabled smartphones or tablets. The app can fetch the patient’s records from multiple devices. Alternatively, data can be fed manually into the device.
The app displays data from vitals, activity, diet, medications, goals, care plans, personal assessments and disease specific customizable questionnaires. Patients can interact with their care teams via secure text, health tweets as well as high definition video.


IntelliH brings on orthogonal video-based interactions- by enabling physicians, language translators , and family care givers to participate in a Telehealth call. We have implemented Telehealth using standard WebRTC as well as Cisco’s Cloud based SPARK collaboration suite.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Collaboration

IntelliH provides a single platform to engage a multi-disciplinary team for the care of chronic patients. Secure text, high definition video with click to call, an analytic framework that delivers threshold base as well as smart alerts enables a collaborative ecosystem that proactively manages chronic or post-operative patients.

Eco-system configurable

IntelliH is the only system that configures to the eco-system. It accommodates complex business structures such as Accountable Care Organizations, Patient centered medical homes or even stand-alone Nursing Homes or rehabilitation facilities. The solution can be tailored for stand-alone care units as well as integrated delivery networks.

System of Intelligence

IntelliH’s intelligence system stratifies patients by risk and post-discharge tracks the risk of readmission dynamically using monitored data, tweets, self-assessments as well as questionnaires. Patients can be tracked for disease progression using heat maps, frequency of using interactions tools, and threshold based smart alerts systems. IntelliH helps care coordinators prioritize care using insights delivered by its analytics engine.


IntelliH enables one-on-one virtual education to patients such as between a diabetes educator and a diabetic patient. It also allows to share Video-on-demand with patients. IntelliH video-based interactions can be used for proctoring purposes as it allows sharing documents as well as videos and on the job training.

IntelliH System of Orchestration and Intelligence

Chronic care management is a multi-disciplinary approach usually orchestrated by care coordinators in collaboration with home health agencies, social services, medical assistants, physicians and specialists.

IntelliH enables a system of engagement and orchestration of care integrating care coordination workflows. Dedicated dashboards for this multi-disciplinary team allows care teams to coordinate and orchestrate care.

IntelliH System of Intelligence helps in:

  • Patient risk stratification and dynamic assessment of risk post discharge
  • Smart alerts that go beyond threshold-based alerts
  • Medication reconciliation management
  • Analysis of health tweets
  • Comprehensive disease specific doctor reports
  • Trend charts

IntelliH Benefit with Customizable Pathways

  • Remote Patient Monitoring using wireless based devices – Digital stethoscopes, Blood pressure cuffs, SpO2, Weight , EKG, Otoscopes, consumer devices such as Fitbit to stream data to the IntelliH cloud where it is analyzed to track disease progress and to raise alerts for proactive intervention
  • Virtual collaboration encompasses a wide variety of use cases for cardiology, dermatology, behavioral, oncology as well as chronic and post-operative patient management. These virtual encounters take place in various settings- the patients’ home, clinics, rural hospitals, nursing homes – (clinic, rural hospital and nursing home settings), (Specialist to Primary care, care coordinator to physician/specialist, physician to pharmacist etc.).
  • Analytics plays a critical role in the management of patients outside the perimeter of the hospital. IntelliH incorporates strong analytical frameworks and insights to track a patient’s risk dynamically using patent pending video-based medication reconciliation tools, disease condition heatmaps, emotion state analysis engines and comprehensive medical reports that allow hospitals to proactively manage patients and reduce readmissions.
  • Patient 360 – it is important to share patient context across the care eco system. With cloud-based dashboards, IntelliH brings in all the key players allowing context to be shared through “a single pane of glass.” IntelliH can also integrate with CISCO SPARK , Cisco’s flagship collaboration suite