IntelliH for Cardiology

IntelliH is a robust RPM solution that manages common cardiovascular conditions through a system of care co-ordination:Systemic Arterial Hypertension: IntelliH tracks systolic and diastolic blood pressures through FDA approved Bluetooth enabled blood pressure machines and provides alerts when readings are out of range. Summary reports are available through our customizable reporting system, with readings classified according to JNC Guidelines. Our Diet module tracks sodium intake and provides correlations with blood pressure readings.

Congestive Heart Failure: IntelliH uses FDA approved Bluetooth enabled devices to track volume status and hypoxia so that interventions can be provided before a risky event occurs, to avert disease decompensation. Fluid intake can be tracked for individual patients to understand what lifestyle decisions may be triggering adverse outcomes.

6MWT*: IntelliH provides six-minute walk testing with tracking of heart rate recovery in the first minute after exercise to capture an assessment of autonomic function. One of the earliest signs of decompensation of Cardiopulmonary conditions like CHF and pulmonary hypertension is autonomic dysfunction and reduced functional capacity, which is measured in our 6MWT module.

  • The IntelliH solution is purpose built for cardiac nurses and mid-level professionals already familiar with remote monitoring to provide proactive care and interventions.
  • Patient generated vitals are used to send Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Weight readings from a Patient App on iOS or Android to IntelliH on the Cloud
  • IntelliH workflows are very intuitive to use and can be used autonomously by mid-level practitioners with oversight from cardiologists only for the most complicated issues.

The IntelliH solution has certain unique features designed for Cardiac diseases:

  • It allows programmable dry weights to be used as a reference to manage patients’ volume status as they navigate through their prescribed recommendations for congestive heart failure.
  • Tracks lifestyle habits to measure compliance with Sodium and fluid restrictions.
  • Customizable questionnaires can provide valuable subjective data to understand patients’ individualized challenges with accepting treatment recommendations. And most importantly the system can be used to create collaborative care teams around the patient to provide quick feedback and assistance with issues related to their chronic care management.


  • Manage quality with increased patient volumes: As cardiologists become increasingly relied upon to ensure that patients are meeting quality standards and adhering to their guideline based medical regimens, IntelliH will become increasingly important to fulfill these obligations as the number of patients with chronic cardiac conditions exponentially increases.
  • Workflows validated by Cardiologists: IntelliH was built by clinical cardiologists to function in community based and academically oriented cardiology practices to integrate with established workflows that most members of the cardiology work-force will find very familiar.
  • Manage Patient Outcomes: Cardiologists that have used the system appreciate its comprehensive nature, that not only addresses management issues related to vitals, but also to more subjective data related to lifestyle habits and care plans. By extending the reach of a cardiology practice into the patient’s residence IntelliH addresses the needs of cardiac patients as we navigate an increasingly uncertain future in the face of socio-economic, geopolitical and climate related challenges.

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