INTELLIH FOR Care Co-Ordination

Monitor Patients Remotely

HIPPA compliant Telehealth with RPM capabilities.

The right platform for the future. Manage all environments including pandemics.

Virtual monitoring of Patients

  • In home care for at-risk, mild & moderate cases
  • Collect Vitals & Patient symptoms (Temperature, heart rate, Oxygen level, Blood pressure)
  • Prioritize patients by risk and need. Monitor vital data & medication via intuitive dashboard.
  • 24/7 communication Via – Video Calls, Secure messaging & speech based inputs by patients.

Safe Environment

  • Online screening using CDC guidelines.
  • Secure interactions between patients, loved ones,Clinicians & Care teams online.
  • Secure Telehealth video calls scheduled to need.
  • High touch communication with patients as needed.

Get Started

  • Click here for a 30-minute Demo for IntelliH platform.
  • Click here to participate in a nationwide webinar on “Best Practices in Managing COVID-19 Patients using Telehealth and Remote Patient Management Solutions.”