Remote Patient Monitoring
for Chronic Diseases

Mobile and population health for patients and care teams.

IntelliH is a multi disease patient engagement and remote health monitoring platform that can help you monitor High risk patients post discharge and in between office visits.




The IntelliH cloud-based platform sets the stage for the management of chronic diseases and post-operative conditions by creating a broader and more flexible access to patient care. Individualized dashboards for care teams allow actionable patient data to be shared in order to improve work flow processes by proactively addressing patients’ needs as soon as they arise. Contextual real-time patient data is displayed by combining vitals from wireless IoT devices and in-depth analytics from cloud based IntelliH algorithms. Care coordinators, patients and care providers can view the status of a patient’s condition in a single field of view.

IntelliH enables patients to get better access to healthcare. Patients, caregivers and care teams have peace of mind and daily assurance on the state of disease progression with context delivered by clinical devices such as Blood Pressure cuffs, SpO2 sensors, weight scales among others.



The IntelliH system of engagement provides a highly personalized approach to patient care. Remote patient monitoring is enabled by wireless IoT devices, mobile Health Apps, High definition video-based collaboration, secure text, notifications and smart alerts. These tools equip care teams to engage with each other and with patients and providers. The Context and Insight derived from the intelliH system allow care givers to understand patient compliance and risk more deeply in order to foster a closer, more collaborative relationship with patients.

IntelliH collaborations are not orthogonal. IntelliH uses multi party video collaboration so care teams – physician, specialist, pharmacist, social worker, care coordinator can engage simultaneously in a multi-party call with patients. Notes created during sessions can be pushed to the EMR.


The IntelliH system of intelligence empowers care teams and patients to take an active role in the management of chronic conditions. The Virtual medication reconciliation program, the disease heat maps with incorporated patient risk stratification tools and the dynamic risk assessment module with metering of risk in real time, generate comprehensive analytical reports and smart alerts that allow proactive patient disease management, encouraging patient compliance while reducing readmissions.

Additionally, IntelliH also has the ability to remotely educate chronic patients on their disease condition. For example, Diabetes educators can use the IntelliH platform to deliver remote nutritional recommendations or can send informational Videos to facilitate care.