Remote Patient Monitoring with Webex by Cisco for Healthcare

September 20, 2021, by Surendra Saxena


Why Remote Patient Monitoring- The Need


Decades of innovation in healthcare therapies has shown remarkable improvement with in-patient recovery yet patient care outside the walls of a healthcare facility has remained a challenge. Healthcare spend has ballooned to over $3 Trillion and two-thirds of that, or over $2 Trillion is spent on chronic patient management. There are over 157 million chronic patients in the US, 81 million are co-morbid and over 30 million have 5 or more chronic conditions.


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recognized the need for more proactive and better chronic patient management- the need for virtual clinical touch- long before the COVID phenomena and institutionalized virtual care technologies such as Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth.


Beginning 2018 CMS started to introduce reimbursement codes for Remote Patient

Monitoring, Chronic Care management, Transition Care Management, Behavioral Health, Annual Wellness Visits and Interprofessional virtual consults.


Remote patient monitoring with telehealth holds the promise of addressing multiple points of failure along the spectrum of the care continuum, as we face increasing rates of chronic disease burden and wide disparities in the apportioning of healthcare resources.


Healthcare providers are engaged in assessing Remote Patient Monitoring solutions as an integral aspect of patient care. McKinsey estimates that in the next 5 years over 93% of providers will have adopted remote patient monitoring and care coordination solutions.


IntelliH in partnership with Webex brings one of the most comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring and care coordination virtual care solution with proactive chronic (Congestive Heart Failure-CHF, Diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- COPD) and post-operative patient management.

About IntelliH:

IntelliH is a SaaS based Remote Patient Monitoring platform with a focus on proactively managing chronic conditions like CHF, Diabetes, COPD as well as post-operative patients. It provides a risk stratified dashboard for care coordinators on PC, MAC and Android tablets. The IntelliH patient App on iOS and Android devices as well as an autonomous robot, wirelessly collects physiological data from monitoring devices such as Weight Scales, Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure Monitors, Spirometers Thermometers as well as Glucometers and sends that to IntelliH on the cloud for analysis. The IntelliH platform tracks care plans, analyzes received vitals and generates alerts that are customized to an individual patient. It prepares a comprehensive disease specific report for doctors to analyze across any longitudinal period. The IntelliH solution enables immersive collaboration with patients, care givers and care teams through rich telehealth videos as well as secure texts.


IntelliH addresses failure points by closing the gaps in patient care:

  • Physiological vitals collected in real time outside of clinical settings allow care teams to make risk factor modifications. IntelliH provides a system of intelligence with correlations and multi-factor insights to calibrate medications
  • IntelliH tracks care plans and goals customized for patients and provides nudges to patients, caregivers, and care coordinators to keep the patient in compliance with the care plans
  • Medication management and virtual medication reconciliation
  • Patients are intelligently stratified for risk to enable care teams to proactively reach out to those who may need prioritized attention
  • Workflows that are built in for care coordination and patient management.
  • Single click reports and notes that automatically gather patient context and provide this to care teams- reducing the documentation burden- so care teams spend more time with patients
  • Integration to a wide variety of EMR’s such as EPIC, CERNER, AllScripts, Athena, Dr. Chrono, Kinnser and Netsmart
  • Billing reports for all virtual care services

IntelliH with Webex:  Engaging, Intelligent, Inclusive patient and care team collaboration:


IntelliH seamlessly integrates Webex to enable immersive collaboration with care teams across the care continuum, patients as well as care givers.


There is no need to download any Webex applications, the integration of Webex inside IntelliH is friction free.


This enables a highly immersive engagement:


  • High-Definition – High Quality Video
  • Secure 1:1 or group messaging
  • Screen sharing for education or proctoring
  • Automatic background noise removal


But this is just the start.

As Webex innovates IntelliH will bring more power to care teams, care givers and patients:

  • Close captions capabilities
  • Automatic transcriptions during a video conversation with patients
  • Language translations enabling care teams to engage effectively with patients with limited English language proficiencies
  • Bringing Patients center stage to keep the focus
  • Projecting video onto Webex video devices
  • Audio

Key Benefits of the IntelliH – Webex solution:


  • Designed to help achieve the triple aim imperative – reduce cost, improve outcomes, and transform the patient experience
  • Immersive collaboration and engagement through high-definition video, secure text as well as health tweets
  • Proactive chronic patient care coordination and management- helps bring down preventable Emergency hospital visits or re-hospitalization
  • Improved compliance to care plans
  • Data driven decision support
  • Patient 360 across the care continuum
  • Enabled, engaged, and empowered care teams, caregivers, and patients
  • Transformed patient and care team experience

IntelliH is on the Cisco Webex App Hub:

Webex Integration on IntelliH


For more information contact:

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