Close Gaps in Patient Engagement and Care Management across the Chronic Care Continuum

When a patient leaves the hospital, the follow up treatment often becomes disjointed. IntelliH bridges the gap by providing a 360-degree view of the patient to multi-disciplinary care teams. As chronic and post-operative patients leave the hospital after the initial round of treatment, IintelliH offers a holistic approach to care teams using meaningful, coordinated and proactive services.

IntelliH – Extending the perimeter of the hospital to where the patient lives: Reimagining chronic patient management through Digital Health and Virtual Care

IntelliH System of Orchestration and Intelligence

Chronic care management is a multi-disciplinary approach usually orchestrated by care coordinators in collaboration with home health agencies, social services, medical assistants, physicians and specialists.
IntelliH enables a system of engagement and orchestration of care integrating care coordination workflows. Dedicated dashboards for this multi-disciplinary team allows care teams to coordinate and orchestrate care.

IntelliH System of Intelligence helps in:

  • Patient risk stratification and dynamic assessment of risk post discharge
  • Smart alerts that go beyond threshold-based alerts
  • Medication reconciliation management
  • Analysis of health tweets
  • Comprehensive disease specific doctor reports
  • Trend charts

IntelliH Benefit with Customizable Pathways

IntelliH System of Intelligence helps in:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring using wireless based devices – Digital stethoscopes, Blood pressure cuffs, SpO2, Weight , EKG, Otoscopes, consumer devices such as Fitbit to stream data to the IntelliH cloud where it is analyzed to track disease progress and to raise alerts for proactive intervention
  • Virtual collaboration encompasses a wide variety of use cases for cardiology, dermatology, behavioral, oncology as well as chronic and post-operative patient management. These virtual encounters take place in various settings- the patients’ home, clinics, rural hospitals, nursing homes – (clinic, rural hospital and nursing home settings), (Specialist to Primary care, care coordinator to physician/specialist, physician to pharmacist etc.).
  • Analytics plays a critical role in the management of patients outside the perimeter of the hospital. IntelliH incorporates strong analytical frameworks and insights to track a patient’s risk dynamically using patent pending video-based medication reconciliation tools, disease condition heatmaps, emotion state analysis engines and comprehensive medical reports that allow hospitals to proactively manage patients and reduce readmissions.
  • Patient 360 – it is important to share patient context across the care eco system. With cloud-based dashboards, IntelliH brings in all the key players allowing context to be shared through “a single pane of glass.” IntelliH can also integrate with Cisco WebEx , Cisco’s flagship collaboration suite