IntelliH- Remote Health Monitoring and Virtual Care Platform for Care Coordination and Improved Outcomes

Care providers struggle to manage chronic care patients. There are issues of access, compliance as well as patient context. The IntelliH platform is purpose built to address these issues. Digital health redefines patient care through:

  • A Cloud based platform with customized dashboards for all players in the diverse eco-system of care teams managing patients outside the hospital or clinic perimeter.
  • Shared patient context across the eco-system
  • Wireless devices provide biometric patient information. Smart Alerts enable proactive engagement with patients
  • Disease management kits for Diabetic and Cardiac Patients
  • Powerful Analytics empower care teams and patients to manage disease
    • Patient risk stratification and real time risk status based on biometrics
    • Health tweet analytics to map patient emotional situation
    • Video based virtual medication reconciliation
    • Disease condition severity impact, impact analysis and disease heatmap
    • Assess readmission risk
    • Smart Alerts
  • Multi party HD Video and audio brings together care teams, care givers and patients
  • Mobile Apps for patients and Care givers

IntelliH for Education:

An interactive education platform:

  • Implements the National Diabetic Prevention Program for pre-diabetics
  • Diabetes educator dashboard
  • App for pre-diabetics
  • Core, Core Maintenance and Maintenance curriculum
  • Scheduling session program for cohorts
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting
  • Patient outcomes
  • Intervention intensity
  • Session attendance
  • Logging body weight
  • Tracking physical activity
  • Program performance
  • Participant compliance – attendance, weight, physical activity logging
  • Virtual collaboration through notifications, alerts and instant messages
  • Support for in room as well as virtual video based training

IntelliH Direct and Second Opinion:

  • Direct to Consumer Telehealth
  • Store and Forward
  • Credit card payment gateway
  • 2nd opinion case review
  • Multi-party Telehealth supporting B2C, B2B2C, B2B clinical conversations
  • Share screen during Telehealth session
  • Store and Forward- upload images, reports
  • Upload case summaries, medical reports
  • View case summaries
  • Add specialist / provider Bio
  • Provide specialist / provider availability schedule
  • Search specialists and availability
  • Schedule and view appointments
  • Appointment summary reports
  • Collaboration through instant messaging, notifications, document share
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Integration to EMR

A solution is only as flexible as the business architectures it supports and the use case it enables. The IntelliH solutions is flexible and customizable to a wide variety of business architectures taking care to the patient:

  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes
  • Acute facilities in value-based purchasing models
  • Payers looking to manage chronic patients
  • Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Extended care facilities
  • Or a combination of any of the above