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October 9, 2018, by Anil Joshi


We founded the company with the mission to build a software platform that will empower patients, allow physicians to spend more time with their patients, and enable organizations to improve efficiency. Our belief remains that technology should remain in the background yet be a strong enabler of workflows of care providers while providing insights to patients in real time. Value of early warnings cannot be overestimated – interventions can occur in a timely fashion, complications avoided, and lives saved. IntelliH – Intelligent Health for AllTM and similar technologies have started to create an impact in healthcare. Accordingly, many healthcare organizations have started to offer digital health tools to their care providers and patients to deliver value-based care.

Technological advances in health sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are changing how diseases are diagnosed and managed. More patient-generated data and their anomalous behavior are bringing awareness to patients and providers much quicker on the underlying disease. This leads to early intervention. A pinch of prevention is much better than a pound of treatment. This adage is as old as the practice of medicine. Yet its implementation is much easier today given health sensors, digital alerts and reminders, and availability of patient generated data to care providers in real time. Like other industries, patients have become consumers and their agents i.e. insurance companies, are willing to pay only for high quality and low-cost services. Digital tools like IntelliH are available to facilitate this goal.

IntelliH platform combines telehealth services, remote patient monitoring and advanced analytics to deliver timely insights to providers and patients. It was conceived and developed by physicians, Medical Informaticians, data scientists and founders who understood the challenges of healthcare organizations. Our vision is to bring a change globally through this platform and its continued evolution. Patient-centric paradigm shift in healthcare is like a rising sun full of brightness and energy. It is spreading optimism all over the globe. We believe empowering consumers with real time health data and entrusting them with personal responsibilities will achieve our mission of Intelligent Health for AllTM.

In this blog IntelliH team will review advances in health care technology and how IntelliH is contributing to improve patient care. We will often talk about innovations as it is at the core of our company. It drives us every day to work and bring solutions to our customers that make their lives easier, decisions smarter, and workflows efficient. We encourage your comments and suggestions in the spirit of realizing our mission of Intelligent Health for AllTM – I mean globally.

Anil Joshi, BDS, MPH


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