IntelliH users can use Cisco Webex platform to schedule and commence online video calls between the care-providers, patients and the patients’ family. The user can access the platform from – IntelliTalk module, My Patients module and the Dashboard’s Meetings Widget.

Scheduling Meeting

The user can schedule a meeting by clicking the ‘+Call’ button on the top right on IntelliTalk or Meetings tab on My Patients. The meetings tab shows calendar for current date by default.

A popup will open where user can fill in following fields:

  • Platform Type – Cisco Webex (pre-selected)
  • Meeting Title – User needs to provide meeting title
  • Date – Meeting Schedule date, by default current date is selected
  • Start and End Time – user can provide the time of the meeting
  • Organizer – by default the logged in user name is shown
  • Attendees – User can select the patient/provider whom he want to add in the meeting and click on “Create call” button

When user clicks on “Create Call” button the authentication popup will show up.

A Cisco Webex licensed user in IntelliH, provides username and password of their Cisco Webex account and a call is scheduled. If SAML integration is done between the IntelliH and Cisco Webex Account, the user would not need to separately enter credentials, and they would be automatically authenticated.

Users can view their scheduled Cisco Webex Meetings on the Meetings tab. From here, the user can start the call, delete the call or edit the meeting details.

Once a meeting is scheduled by a care coordinator, a notification is sent to the participants. Participant can Accept/reject/request a reschedule for the meeting.

Starting a Video Call

The organizer/user can initiate the call by clicking on the Video call icon on the Meeting card.

When user clicks on video call icon, it opens on a new tab where it directs user to waiting room. Here user can click on Start Call button to start a call.

Waiting Room

Participants enter a Waiting room