Inside-Sales Associate


Besides helping sales process as described below in the Skills section, the Inside sales associate will possess very strong skillset to engage in meaningful phone conversations with US based prospects mainly to:

  • Identify the right client contact person to talk to;
  • Elicit their interest in the focus area
  • Navigate and lead them to our Sales team for initiating the sales process.
  • Identify interest and motivate potential clients
  • Enable their second conversation with our sales team.


  • Excellent command over spoken English language
  • Pleasant phone antiquates
  • Soft but not aggressive persuasion skills
  • Experienced in Objection handling techniques
  • Interpersonal skillsets
  • Good at networking
  • Previous Call Center experience( preferred)
  • Pre-Sales experience for Technical product/solution is highly desirable
  • Knowledgeable about Sales Enablement space with developed skills, processes, and behavior for optimizing every interaction
  • opportunity with potential customers
  • Previous experience in supporting US/UK based sales teams
  • Understanding technical and functional requirements
  • Ability to ask pertinent questions for seeking clarifications
  • Aligning needs with a view to developing need-based solutions  for customers
  • Preparing answers to client enquiries and RFPs  and building sales proposals 
  • Helping with mapping and translating functional/business requirements to product offerings
  • Assisting customers in evaluating product and highlighting benefits
  • Maintaining credibility by following best practices
  • Supportive in sales efforts for maximizing closures
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge on product,  business, services and methodologies
  • Engaging in product presentations/demonstrations
  • Preparing impressive marketing collaterals and brochures


  • Graduate degree in relevant Technical field
  • Three to four years of relevant experience in sales and support areas
  • Possessing good understanding of Software Engineering, Analytics and Data science
  • Possessing impressive track record with previous experience in similar lines of business
  • Possessing knowledge of sales cycle.
  • Knowledgeable with inherent curiosity about emerging technologies
  • Having the ability to use tools like MS PowerPoint, Word and Excel, Visio etc.
  • Excellent grasp of terminology, both technical and general
  • Articulate with excellent communication and presentation skills for engaging customers
  • Solid command over spoken and written English language
  • Expressive writing ability

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Bachelor’s degree from a leading college / University in Engineering/Computer Science or Information Technology or related field. 5 + years of related experience; or 3+ years related experience and a Masters degree; or equivalent combination of education and experience.